A Chronology of COC History

Although the Founders of the Church of Cognizance located in Pima, az. were arrested in february of 2006. What happened in New Mexico on the 22 day of the 2nd month, (February) 2006 was not the beginning of governments assault. The motives, and actions, are exposed here in the form of a Chronological History of the COC.

This time line is subject to change, thru insertions to make the line more complete as time allows and more info is revealed.

Note: a basic understanding of weblogs is helpful. Also notice to anyone that would attempt to wipe out logs: They have been backed up in multiple places so it would only bring you more trouble!

Partial logs are used to lower download times. If you would like the complete logs to look for more players contact E.C. Dan.


The Church of Cognizance is founded. Members are given Ceramic Amulets to wear. The Amulets declared "Church of Cognizance Member" on the reverse side.

E.C. Dan goes to jail. When the Judge discovered what really happened she spoke with other judges. She told E.C. Dan that she and the other Judges were appalled. The cops were disciplined. All charges against E.C. Dan were dropped.


August 12, 1994 E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary record a Declaration of Religious Sentiment at Graham County Recorders Office, State of Arizona.

August 16, 1994 COC recording is attacked in Superior Court under pretext of a Juvenile Probation Hearing to take 16-year-old son from E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's home.


The COC establishes it's first Electronic Bulletin Board System (BBS). This first BBS was run on RBBS-PC v.17.3 software. Providing telephone modem access to COC Anthological Archive BBS

A must read on this BBS was a transcribed chapter on Prohibition from "THE AMERICAN GOVERNMENT, By Frederic J. Haskin, copyright 1911,1923. This tells a story of Alcohol Prohibition. The claims of proponents by both sides of Prohibition are uncanningly parallel to todays prohibition against marijuana.


"The Enlightener Network", the first online, (internet), website of the COC is established. COC upgrades BBS to Power-BBS software. It uses Power Access Client to give Graphic Capability.

E.C. Dan creates a new Email Signature File


September 16, 1995 dan&mary's Monastery-Hemporium of the Church of Cognizance, received a phone call from an Individual Orthodox Member Monastery located in London England. A request was made to contact Leo Mercado in Kerny Arizona about a recent invasion of their religious sanctuary. __A fax was recieved Sept. 19th, of an interview with Leo by "Rattlesnake", who later becomes a member of the COC. Leo's Peyote was returned, however the Religious organization eventually succumbed to additional pressures by a vindictive replacement Prosecutor. More of their story is archived. Leo and his lovely wife now run the Plant Planet Website. While the COC is not Peyote centered, it is Zoroastrian custom to accept others customs. Leo and Raven are close to earth, wonderful people, and sincere friends, who came to E.C. Dan and Mary's aid in their time of need!

January 1996

E.C. Dan publishes a letter "To the Concerned Citizens of the World". It is posted to internet newsgroups and sent to the general fax server of the Congress of the State of Arizona. The purpose: to expose the "Religous Persecution' of Leo, and others like him!

MARCH 1996

March 7, 1996 E.C. Dan revises an earlier writing of his, What soma, Soma! article.

E.C. Dan's research is given greater credibility in 2003 when Archeological discoveries in the region of Mari, Turkimenistan, confirmed the Zoroastrian artifacts contained traces of Mari-juana...


E.C. Daniel Jeffrey and Janelle on Sabbatical at the COC Cultural Information Center, Pima, AZ.

E.C.D.J. now maintains the COC Cultural Information Center, Puna, Hawaii.

July 1999

Noted Scholar's form workshop on the Soma-Haoma problem. Organized by the Research school CNWS, Leiden University, 3-4 July 1999. Their research seeking to expose the true identity of Soma-Haoma.

DECEMBER 2000 Following his Senatorial defeat, Ashcroft nominated U.S. Attorney General by president-elect George W. Bush. His father was a minister in an Assembly of God congregation, and a president of Evangel University. Ashcroft was an enthusiastic advocate of the War on Drugs. In 2001 Ashcroft announced his intent to escalate efforts in this area. His tough-on-marijuana stance dates back to his tenure as a Senator, when he successfully pushed for stricter federal mandatory sentencing laws for drug offenses

Alberto R. Gonzales was commissioned as White House Counsel to President George W. Bush

AUGUST 2, 2001
White House announces Bush's intention to nominate David Iglesias to the position of United States Attorney for the District of New Mexico. He is a graduate of Wheaton College, an evangelical institute funded largely by Ely Lilly Pharmacueticals. David Iglesias describes himself as a "Hispanic Evangelical veteran". His father was a Baptist minister — his mother a missionary.

SEPTEMBER 11 2001 After the attacks, Ashcroft was a key supporter of passage of the USA Patriot Act. One of the provisions in that Act was the controversial Section 215, which allows for warrant-less seizures of patron records from libraries and seizure of bookstore customer records. Ashcroft's positions on privacy and civil liberties issues made him an extremely disliked figure by libertarian, left-wing and liberal groups. Groups opposed to the Bush administration often mentioned him as epitomizing all the reasons for their opposition.


First bust of a (CoC) member monastery. The church revealed a defense including provisions from the Constitution of the State of Arizona.

MAY 2003

May 5, 2003 ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF VEDIC STUDIES (EJVS) Vol. 9 Issue 1d, publishes results of the workshop began in 1999 to solve the "Soma-Haoma problem". This issue also revealed evidence in the Bactria-Margiana ArcheologicalComplex confirming highest likely-hood that Soma-Haoma is Marijuana


February 22, 2004 E.C. Dan performs a wedding ceremony. It is huge. It took months of planning and counseling of families. Licenses were obtained and returned to the Clerk of the Graham County Superior Court as required by law.

MAY 2004

May 7, 2004 E.C. Dan performs wedding ceremony. Licenses were obtained and returned to the Clerk of the Graham County Superior Court as required by law.

May 17_ 2004 Weblog shows visit from Arizona State Government Network.

May 28, 2004 E.C. Dan publishes Open Letter to Congressman Rick Renzi.


August 10, 2004 E.C. Dan sends Email to AZ Governor Janet Napolitano (cache).

August 11, 2004 E.C. Dan makes clerical visit to Sheriff Joe Arpio's Jail in Phoenix.

August 19, 2004 E.C. Dan writes followup letter to Governor Napolitano (cache)

August 24, 2004 Dan makes CALL TO ARMS on, THC-Ministries Amsterdam Board, and the COC website (cache).

Following call to arms E.C. Dan determines the COC should establish Wellness Centers, and Certify Couriers, for the COC, in order to carry on a mission of providing aid and comfort to the sick and dying.

The COC begins instructing the first Wellness Centers in the beneficial approach to incorporating the seed along with marijuana to make the Nutritional Haoma Sacrament, in order to provide a more powerful nutritional supplement to aid health and healing. Laws regarding State Licenses were checked to find what requirements existed for health clinics. It was discovered none are required for healing practices of Religious Organizations. Because of the "Drug War" climate it would have to operate clandestinely like the underground railroads during the days of slavery. This was accomplished with aid of Certified Couriers to provide the Wellness Centers with needed supplies.

August 30, 2004 E.C. Dan responds to request from Phoenix Jail Inmate. A free packet of COC Membership information is sent.


September 18, 2004 E.C. Dan is given a Pastoral visit with inmate at Fort Grant Prison Facility, Arizona Department of Corrections (ADC).

September 20, 2004 E.C. Dan writes follow-up letter to Chaplin Bidderman of ADC. Offers to provide Volunteer Pastoral Service for prisoners of Arizona State Prison Complex, Safford, AZ.

September 24, 2004 Prison Chaplin Bidderman responds he will not allow anymore Pastoral visits because of confusion in how the first was handled. E.C. Dan was put on the inmates visitors list. The visit was not on regular visiting days or hours. It was not as the result of a visitation request. It was a special visit.

September 24_ 2004 Weblog shows visits from AZ STATE GOV network from 3 different IP addresses.

September 28_ 2004 Weblog shows wisits form AZ STATE GOV network from 2 more different IP addresses.


October 5, 2004 E.C. Dan responds to Prison Chaplin Bidderman's letter. Dan explains he was not on any visitors list, and he did exactly what he had been instructed by Prison Staff to do in order to have Pastoral visits.

October 16, 2004 Chaplin Bidderman responds he is sorry for the confusion. But that all Pastoral visits go through him and he would not be arranging any future Pastoral visits for E.C. Dan. He then instructs E.C. Dan that he can apply to be put on the regular visitors list. Several Prisoners file grievances.

October 20, 2004 E.C. Dan responds to request from Phoenix Towers Jail Inmate. A free packet of COC Membership information is sent.


January 11, 2005 Member stung to death by bees.

January 16, 2005 E.C. Dan officiates at funeral.


February 15_ 2005 Weblog shows visit from Arizona State Government Network.

MARCH 2005

March 28,2005 Contacted by member monastery charged with possession of .26 grams of Marijuana.

March 31, 2005 Appear with member at Justice of Peace Court to inform he would invoke a religious defense.

APRIL 2005

April 7, 2005 received letter related to March incident that Trial was rescheduled.

April 11, 2005 filed a flurry of motions, including motions to dismiss.

April 11_ 2005 Weblog shows a visit by someone using the AZ Supreme Court Network. This Network is used multiple times by DEA Task Force Office (TFO) Hershel Medlin for some unscrupulous purposes. This will be shown below their respective dates.

April 15, 2005 Two COC members traveling together are arrested. (One for a roach, and the other for less than 1/2 an ounce of marijuana.) A very persistent Federal Agent of the Forestry Department arrests them. They were on a dirt road, miles from pavement, on their way to a gathering. A Federal Judge Magistrate dismissed the charges. The FEDERAL Agent Then took them to the U.S. District Court for Arizona. Their charges were dismissed there also. Just prior to the Bush admin firing that U.S. District Attorney.

Then the Agent took them to a Justice of the peace in Yavapi County. The J.P. referred it to the Superior Court. A Grand Jury Indictment is sealed over less than 1/2 oz. of marijuana. This appears to be related to actions of DEA TFOs Medlin and Zarate.

One member was found guilty after being denied the right to present a religious defense. He is now in the process of an appeal. The other member has not returned for trial yet.

A forum discussion is at:

Files and Motions are at:

A copy of the Pacer Index of the Federal Case with Dismissal is at:


As of this date March 16, 2006 this is still an ongoing case.

JULY 2005

Gets arrested in Missouri
with .04 grams of Marijuana (actually 6 immature seeds) that the dog smelled from the outside of the vehicle. This was used as probable cause to search! Or was it the cop was mad because bari flashed his lights to have the inconsiderate egotist dim his highbeams?

Mind you, this is the day before we celebrate Declaration of Independence in America!

Bari raises a religious defense and fights this case until February 2006. The very next day after he finds out the case is dismissed Mary's Brother O.C. Joe is Arrested in Missouri. Bari stays in Missouri to help. It's 12 day's before Joe is allowed to call his attorney. Two days after that E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary are arrested after "routine immigration stop" in New Mexico.

Forum setup at: http://coc.enlightener.net/cgi-bin/index.cgi?action=forum&board=const&op=displaysticky&num=80


August 3, 2005 the Main COC_website (cache) is attack. A hacker wipes out most of the Forums postings.

Is it coincidence this attack occurred within a few days of posting press releases July 30, 2005 about the Raid in Canada on British Columbia Marijuana Party's Headquarters based on a U.S. Government search warrant , and another a press release about the Raid on the Store ran by the head BC Marijuana Party, Marc Emory ?

Is the July 29 2005 DEA press release by then head of DEA, Karen Tandy , also a coincidence? Considering the press release about the raid reveals the DEA's political motives of depriving activist of donations Marc was providing!!!

August 10, 2005 E.C. Dan performs wedding ceremony. Licenses were obtained and returned to the Clerk of the Graham County Superior Court as required by law.


September 9, 2005 E.C.s Danuel D. Quaintance, Mike Senger, and Daniel Jeffrey send Rev. Tom Brown (cache) Affidavits, joining United Cannabis Ministries Amicus Curie Brief in support of UDV's position in Case No. 10-1084.

UDV's case began in 1999, when U. S. Customs agents seized over 30 gallons of hoasca (ayahuasca) tea which was shipped to the Santa Fe, New Mexico branch of the Brazil-based UDV ; ayahuasca contains dimethyltryptamine, a Schedule I substance. While no charges were filed, the United States chapter, led by Seagram heir Jeffrey Bronfman, filed suit claiming that the seizure was an illegal violation of the church members' rights.

The New Mexico District Attorney David Iglesias, of fame in the Attorney firing scandals , along with past U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales , represented the government against UDV. The question asked of the Supreme Court was whether or not under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act does government have to permit the use and importation of Schedule I substances for religious use. The Supreme Court affirmed UDV's injunction against government interference.

See below at Feb. 22, 2006, arrest of CoC founders Dan and Mary in New Mexico. David Iglesia brings charges against Dan and Mary for very similar charges the day after the Supreme Courts UDV decision.

September 27, 2005 Amicus Sent to Supreme Court of United States of America.

September 29, 2006 a J Kouros A. signed for Supreme Court reception of Amicus


Around October 3, 2005, DEA TFO Herschel Medlin gets a transfer from Tolleson PD, a suburb of Phoenix, to the Graham County Sheriffs office where he begins undercover work. SEE Discovery page 233 This is shown in his affidavit for a search warrant; SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN March 2, 2006. SEE Discovery page 243

October 27, 2005 E.C. Daniel comes to the mainland from the Hawaii Cultural Information Center of the COC, He, E.C. Dan, and E.C. Mary, attended the "First ever Congress of the United Cannabis Ministries" a VHS tape of the event was given to the COC Cultural Information Center, Pima, AZ, to take off pictures and convert to Mpeg format. This tape was taken by DEA TFO's Medlin and Zarate, during the March 3, 2006 inquisitional raid on the COC-CIC Sanctuary. SEE Discovery page 59 Exhibit N-36


November 17, 2005 Les Crane, the financial backer behind putting together the United Cannabis Ministries, is shot to death. The circumstances are suspicious considering he had offered to finance a legal challenge for religious rights just two weeks earlier at the October 27th Congressional meeting.

* http://stopthedrugwar.org/chronicle-old/412/full.shtml#lescrane

November 25, 2005 E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary took E.C. Daniel Jeffery to Sky Harbor Airport in Pheonix for departure back to his Puna, Hawaii, Cultural Information Center of the COC. E.C.D.J. was pulled out of line and was informed he had been flagged. After a delay and search he was allowed to board the plane. The date is verified, SEE Discovery page 205


December 21, 2005 DEA TFO Medlin attempts an undercover purchase at E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's daughters residence at the COC Sanctuary in, Pima, AZ. TFO Medlin started harassing her and refusing to leave after she asked him to. She called E.C. Dan to deal with him. This results in hard feelings when he was told to leave or the Sheriffs Office would be called to remove him for Criminal Trespass in commision of a Hate Crime.

DEC. 22_ 2005 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP=

DEC. 27_ 2005 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP=

DEC. 30_ 2005 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP=


JAN. 3_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP=

JAN. 4_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP=

JAN. 4_ 2006 Weblog Hawaii Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network

Downloads the infamous Page 2 that shows up in E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's Evidentiary Hearing on Motion to Dissmiss. Gets Shown to every witness, with questions from Prosecution related to it.


Exits website after viewing only pages 1 and 2

JAN. 9_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= busy for approx. 3 1/2 hours

Discovery page 240 DEA TFO Hershel Medlin's March 2, 2006 Affidavit for Search Warrant, Second paragraph, declares he accessed the website and downloaded pages. Discovery page 285 just below the page number gives the date the page was printed out. This coincides with the JAN. 9_ 2006 weblog.

DEA TFO Medlin VOTES 219 TIMES in the "WHO CREATED MARIJUANA" POLL. Evidence shows his vote was "The Taliban to support Terrorism" SEE Poll IP logs, and Poll Count Data

Then DEA TFO Medlin downloaded and printed the results. SEE Discovery page 296.

This provides proof that DEA TFO Medlin's acts are driven by hate and bias against the Church of Cognizance. He fairly well declares so in Discovery page 240 first paragraph.

This shows a sincere bias driving TFO Medlin to commit a Hate Crime against a Religious Organization, and it's members, because of their religious preferences.

More of his acts will be disclosed under the March 2006 chronological entry.

JAN. 10_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network Court Network IP= on approx. 2hr 15 min. votes 2 more times.

JAN. 10_ 2006_ Weblog_ Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network Court Network IP= on approx. 1hr 35 min. votes in poll, goes to IOMM Membership page, downloads plant-tags, votes again in poll then leaves.

JAN. 11_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= appears to be in communication with IP= (in Tempe, AZ), both download COC Sanctuary sign at 11:54:AM (MST) (Notice warning at bottom of COC Sanctuary sign must have provided a motive for attacking the COC. They must have taken the warning as a challenge if they could violate a Religious Sanctuary, and get away with it! SEE Discovery page 135 Sanctuary sign taken as part of the bounty during March 3rd desecration of a religious Sanctuary of the Church of Cognizance

JAN. 12_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= Comes in about 11:57:AM (MST) votes in poll, checks results, then leaves.

JAN. 18_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= Comes in about 3:10:PM (MST) votes in poll, goes to Constitutional forum about Danny and Sandra, goes to index of Danny and Sandra, downloads statements of probable cause, downloads Order Dismissing Complaint, goes to forum topic Does a valid Law against cannabis exist?, goes to forum topic State of Kansas v BARI WYTE a.ka. Frederick Pollak, goes to forum topic Mike Senger's Pro Se religious defense in Arizona, then leaves.

JAN. 19_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= Comes in about 10:40:AM (MST) goes back to Danny and Sandra's forum and downloads the same documents, then goes to forum topics: State of Arizona vs. STEPHEN C. WERRBACH, Open Letter to Congressman Rick Renzi, and Threshold requirements to a religious defense that talks about New Mexico's 10th Cir. Meyers Matrix, then leaves.

JAN. 23_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= Comes in about 9:20:AM (MST) votes in poll (this must be getting funny to all the buddies), then goes to Constitutional forum looks at How To Represent Yourself In Court where E.C. Mike offers advise. Starting with a comment: "SO some NAZIS have snagged you up and seized your sacramant and/or related articles of worship?" (This had to really upset them!), then they go to Judge: Federal Sentencing Unconstitutional, then Leave Medical Marijuana Group Alone, Judge Tells Government, and Mike Senger's Pro Se religious defense in Arizona, then leaves.

JAN. 26_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= Comes in about 11:45:AM (MST) votes in poll (checks results), goes to guest book with "all" function to view all guestbook comments, then goes to Articles>CANNABIS/MARIJUANA FAQ, then Press Release Religious Challenge about THC Ministries suit against Ashcroft, then Indian Hemp Drugs Commission (1893-94) 100th Anniv, then leaves.

NEXT ENTRY IN LOG IS THIS IS REGISTERED TO Cyveillance Inc (cache). YOU REALLY SHOULD CHECK THIS LINK!!! (They could be working for PNAC, they certianly have government contracts!)


FEB. 2_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from the AZ Supreme Court Network IP= Comes in about 11:45:AM (MST)from Passion University goes right to the IOMM Membership Page, then downloads COC_Pledge, Container-tags, and Sanctuary sign, then leaves.



February 13, 2006 E.C. Mary's Brother O.C. Joe Butts is arrested in Missouri while performing duties of a Certified Courier of the COC.

FEB. 17_ 2006 Weblog Shows visit from CUSTOMS.TREASURY DEPT IP= Comes in about 1:42:AM (MST) entered from google search page for "church of cognizance". Opened new window to view A Mission Statement , view poll results, left then came back for second visit aprox 3 hours later.

At the May 17_ 2006 SUPPRESSION HEARING all Border Patrol agents are questioned if they had any previous knowledge of E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary, or the Church of Cognizance. They all answered NO. The FEB. 17_ 2006 Weblog shows somebody from Customs/Border Patrol or Treasury Department were aware of Dan and Mary!

February 21 2006 E.C. Dan is in Court with an Initiate Cogniscenti. A Cross Complaint for Declarative and Injunctive and Punitive Relief is filed.

UDV Decision is released, and raises a stir. Just before the Hearing the Prosecutor came up and offered a copy of the UDV Decision, Case No. 10-1084, and stated that it would probably do more good than the cross complaint.

The Question asked of the Supreme Court of the United States of America, for the 10th Circuit U.S. District Attorney for the District of New Mexico, David Eglesias was:

Whether the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993, 42 U.S.C. sec. 2000bb et seq. requires the government to permit the importation, distribution, possession and use of a Schedule I hallucinogenic controlled substance, where Congress has found that the substance has a high potential for abuse, it is unsafe for use even under medical supervision, and its importation and distribution would violate an international treaty?

The Answer was Affirmed. Yes! COC Officers and Members believed the Supreme Court Decision had just affirmed the equal protection of religious freedom, which would also allow them to free exercise of their religion. That they could now exercise their "fundamental human right" of religious freedom, without having to fear being "molested on account of their mode of worship".

February 22, 2006 E.C. Dan, E.C. Mary, and a newly Certified Courier Timothy Kripner are arrested in New Mexico.

DAVID IGLESIAS is the U.S. District Attorney for the District of New Mexico. He is responsible for prosecuting E.C. Dan and E.C.Mary's Case, which he assigns to Lois Martinez. February 21, 2006 Iglesias got a ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court that "government must allow the religious use of Schedule 1 Controlled Substances under RFRA"

This is where corruption, cover-up, and perjury on government reports, begin coming to light. Starting with the Feb. 22, 2006 BORDER PATROL REPORT OF APPREHENSION OR SEIZURE, which is full of conflicting statements.

Evidence taken and pictures provided in Discovery Page 109 shows 4 Burlap sack backpacks. Discovery Page 110 Shows the 4 Burlap sack backpacks in a clear plastic bag in front of 8 bundles sitting on a bench in front of a Lordsburg Border Patrol Sign. (These 4 burlap sacks are not entered into evidence) interestingly these same 4 burlap sacks show up at the Quaintance during search of COC Sanctuary March 3, 2006, while E.C.'s Dan and Mary are still in custody in New Mexico.

February 22_ 2006 Weblog shows visit from

Dept Homeland Security Network 6:40:PM AZ Time

Dept Homeland Security Network 9:40:PM AZ Time

February 24, 2006 Dan and Mary file MOTION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AND RETURN OF PROPERTY. Both are basically the same other than name of person filing.

This same day the ORIGINAL COMPLAINT is filed. The signature line for who is Swearing to the truth of the complaint has DEA TFO Ivan Zarate's name there. A scribbled signature with the word "FOR" is above Zarates name. This issue reappears Feb 27th. The ORIGINAL COMPLAINT and the BORDER PATROL REPORT OF APPREHENSION OR SEIZURE are very similar.

When it was Border Patrol that SUPPOSEDLY made the Stop. And it was border patrol that provided the majority of pertinent information. Why was it that DEA TFO Zarate that filed the Complaint, and becomes intrinsically involved at many steps that convolute the issues.

February 24_ 2006 Weblog shows visit from

Dept Homeland Security Network 11:25:PM AZ Time

February 28, 2005 E.C. Dan has a PRELIMINARY HEARING.

DEA TFO Ivan Zarate introduces hearsay evidence. All parties he testifies for are available. They could have been brought to the hearing to testify themselves. This would have allowed cross-examination of statements about what Zarate claims they said. During cross examination TFO Zarate is questioned about statements he made that were not in the ORIGINAL COMPLAINT. He was then questioned who swore out the conplaint. DEA TFO Zarate claimed he was not sure who swore it out. This creates a round of questioning as shown, at 12:03:56, in PRELIMINARY HEARING TRANSCRIPTS

The Judge explains she is accepting TFO Zarates Hearsay Evidence. Then the judge orders that she finds probable cause to hold E.C. Dan over for trial. E.C. Dan tells his Attorney he would like him to visit him so he can discuss DEA TFO Zarate committing perjury during his testimony.

E.C. Dan is put in a prisoner/attorney conference cell. His clothes and property are brought to him from Dona Ana. Dan was then taken to Oterro County Prison Facility. At Dona Ana, E.C. Dan had phone contact. At Oterro, E.C. Dan was never given phone privileges.

February 28_ 2006 Weblog shows visit from:

Department of Justice Network. 1:47:PM AZ time.

February 28_ 2006 Weblog_ shows visit from:

Department of Justice Network. 2:41:PM AZ time.

Department of Justice Network. 2:51:PM AZ time only gets: http://coc.enlightener.net/coc/images/dan.jpg

Dept Homeland Security Network 2:52:PM AZ time only gets: http://coc.enlightener.net/coc/images/card.jpg

February 28_ 2006_ Weblog_ shows visit from:

Dept Homeland Security Network 4:20: PM AZ 22:20:00 GMT




MARCH 2006


March 1_ 2006 Weblog shows visit from Department of Justice Network.


March 3, 2006, 4 or 5 ??? burlap bags turn up at E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's IOMM during TFO Medlin's search and desecration of COC Sanctuary. Recall that on Feb. 22, 2006 there were 4 burlap bags taken in Lordburg that were not entered into evidence. Discovery page 147 Shows a "Novelty" burlap bag that was taken from a wall at the Sanctuary. This burlap bag, with the 4 from New MexicoTFO Medlin's report Discovery page 76. This is different than the 4 burlap bags shown as Exhibit N-13, on Discovery Page 52 of TFO Zarates Report. There must have been a lack of communication between TFO Zarate and TFO Medlin on how to deal with the 4 burlap bags taken in New Mexico. The 4 burlap bags that were never entered into evidence, along with the rest of the items taken in New Mexico.?!? TFO Zarate does his regular embellishment in his report to connect these bags with back packers. He also calls TFO Medlin "Sheriff Medlin". Maybe to give some credibility to how he came by the 4 burlap bags, and to distance himself from getting them from TFO Medlin. Or the fact he is likely the one that provided for them to show up in the search!?! Why are only 4 burlap bags found at E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's IOMM? The exact same number taken in Lordsburg!?! These bags get lots of play in the media, and in responses to Motions in Court !

TFO Zarate files REPORT OF INVESTIGATION it is dated 03/03/2006 but includes events reported to have happened on 03/07/2006. Such as the wondering 4 burlap bags mentioned above as Exhibit N-13, Discovery Page 52 of TFO Zarate's Report.

Also one should scrutinize Discover page 42 Exhibit N-7. TFO Zarate makes it appear as if he downloaded pages from "(WWW.HAOMA.ORG). On 02/24/2006, this same date, TFO Zarate processed Exhibit N-7 according to DEA guidelines and tranferred custody of Exhibit N-7 to the Las Cruces Resident Office Evidence Custodian for safekeeping." Scrutiny will show these are the same pages that are used to show TFO MEDLIN's Hate driven acts, shown above on January 09, 2006. Further they are the same pages TFO Medlin claims he downloaded. SEE Discovery page 296.

How did TFO Zarate end up with the download webpages on 2/24/2006???

By now the Prosecutor should have realized something was wrong and withdrew the charges. His job is to insure Justice is served. NOT to secure a conviction at the cost of jeopardizing the integrity, and image, of the Judicial System.

TFO Zarate brought the prosecutor a case. TFO Zarate ackowledges the religious sincerity of E.C. Dan and Mary. Prosecution should have required government to show a compelling interest in further harrassment, being done in a least restrictive means. Or he should have withdrawn the charges. This could be considered Prosecutorial Misconduct!

In TFO Zarate's REPORT OF INVESTIGATION Discovery page 27 TFO Zarate list E.C. Dan's occupation as PREACHER! On Exhibit 20, Discovery page 54, TFO Zarate remarks of a sacred pipe: "is described as the 'Religious Pipe'". A pipe hand carved of a stone similar to the Native Americans Pipe stone. Other than it is a mingling of volcanically fired clays of multiple colors. It's design is a Hand holding a bowl. It is anciently known as a Kaf pipe. Many similar pipes have been unearthed in archeologic digs dating to hundreds of years B.C. if not earlier.

While considering the contents of Discovery page 54 it should be noted that TFO Zarate for some reason claims exhibits 19 and 21 were located at E.C. Dan and Mary's. This conflicts with TFO MEDLINS REPORT Discovery page 76 that shows those items were taken from the residence of E.C. Dan and Mary's Daughter and Son-in-laws. Is TFO Zarate trying to manipulate opinion through the order of presenting evidence. To achieve a demonic image that would not result otherwise?

If this were not enough evidence of conspiracy to deprive civil rights, and commision of Hate Crime against a Religious Organization. On Discovery page 238 TFO Medlins makes numerous references in his "AFFIDAVIT FOR SEARCH WARRANT, to a "Church" that he seeks to invade the Sanctuary of. Then goes on to build a demonic image culminating in calling the Sanctuary, "the compound", later in his affidavit.

March 7, 2006 Border Patrol agents Portillo, Lara, Ford, and Leyva file Memorandum Reports to supplement the BORDER PATROL REPORT OF APPREHENSION OR SEIZURE. It is Portillo's Memorandum where an agent William Shafer is brought onto the scene February 22, 2006. This is the only reference to Shafer in any report. A conflict of identity between Ramirez and Shafer exist. SEE BORDER PATROL REPORT OF APPREHENSION OR SEIZURE.

March 9, 2006 Ramirez finally files a report!

March 9, 2006 E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary are finally released from custody. They had to make a Pre-Trial Release Agreement not to practice their religion, no communication with any members of the Church of Cognizance, submit to frequent Urinalysis Testing, contact a Pre Trial officer in Tucson for further instructions, and to keep in bi-weekly contact with their attorney's. "THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE CASE" bottom of page 2.

March 13_ 2005 Weblog shows visit from Arizona State Government Network.

March 13_ 2005 Weblog HAWAII shows visit from Arizona State Government Network.

March 15, 2006 Grand Jury INDICTMENT filed by USA Luis Armando Martinez. Counts filed against E.C. Danuel D. Quaintance (1) count(s) 1, 2, E.C. Mary Helen Quaintance (2) count(s) 1, 2, Timothy Jason Kripner (3) count(s) 1, 2

March 15, 2006 Summons for Arrainment issued to E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary.

March 15, 2006 before, and without, any response from government to E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's Feb. 24, 2006 MOTION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AND RETURN OF PROPERTY the orignal case is closed. Case 06-m-3655 becomes 06cr00538. The links at the District Court website for all Documents below Doc 24 show up in the docket but are now inactive. That is unless you go in under the old case number!

evidence of hate crime continued part 2