Hearing to take 16-year-old son

E.C. Dan had been educating the Probation Officer of their 16 year old son about the True Story behind cannabis prohibition and it's many benefits. Dan had given him several movies including “Hemp For Victory”, and some writings. When E.C. Dan and Mary recorded their Declaration of Religious Sentiment at the County Recorders they gave the P.O. of copy of that also. The P.O. appeared to be interested.

Then he requested Dennis take a Urinalysis Test to prove he was not practicing their religion. E.C. Dan told him he was fishing and he would not allow his son to be tested. Then the clerk of the Superior Court issued a notice of hearing for their 16-year-old son, at the request of his juvenile probation officer Chris Whitaker.

It was a closed hearing because it was Juvenile. The Judge had a copy of the Church Recording, so did the Prosecutor, and the handed a copy to the son's Attorney. The hearing then started as an indictment of E.C. Dan and E.C. Mary's religion, by the Judge. It is a longer story that I will go into greater detail later. For now the short version is below.

The court was prepared to remove their son from the home unless they allowed him to be "drug tested". After Order from the Judge, with the understanding they felt the court was fishing for other evidence in violation of their religious rights, they allowed him to be tested. After their son's drug test came back negative they returned to the courtroom to finish the removal hearing. The courtroom was empty! A few days later a petition and order to modify probation to regular probation was entered by the P.O. and signed by the Judge.

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