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Emailed at approximately 5:30 a.m. August 10, 2004 through http://www.governor.state.az.us/post/feedback.asp 

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To the attention of:


The Honorable Janet Napalitano,


 I would like to bring to your attention a manifest injustice that has taken place in our Great State of Arizona, and beg your assistance in resolving this matter.

 I am currently in Phoenix to console and comfort the victim in these trying times, and will attempt a personal visit with you to provide any additional information you may require.

 Below is a press release I have prepared that will explain the circumstances.


 Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide


    Enlightened Cogniscenti Danuel D. Quaintance




For immediate release

Source: Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center


Religious health care provider sentenced to 3 years


By Enlightened Cogniscenti Danuel D. Quaintance

August 8, 2004   




 It was 1990 when Dave Truszkowski learned a friend was dieing of cancer, was suffering immense pain, and had been given less than 4 month’s to live.


 Rather than just watching his friend suffer needlessly, and in hope of assisting in possible remission, he put to practice knowledge and faith he had acquired in life regarding nutrition and healing herbs. He recommended to the family that his friend try marijuana for relief.


 The family of this departed friend recently wrote a letter for Dave thanking him for extending their beloved family members life by nearly 2 additional years.


 Also declared was how the quality of the final day’s of their loved ones life was made better by Dave’s humanitarian efforts in acquiring marijuana for them, for they had no idea of how they could possibly supply his needs, for he was the family provider now unable to provide even for himself.


 This began the journey of Dave Truszkowski into the notorious career as a “Cannabis Sacrament Minister”, practicing the healing arts of the Marijuana Worshipping Ministries of The Church Of Cognizance.


 The Church Of Cognizance is a recorded religious institute, Founded in the State Of Arizona in 1994, upon Article XX protections, of the Constitution of the State Of Arizona.


Article XX guarantees “Perfect toleration of religious sentiment” and that “no inhabitant of this State shall ever be molested on account of his or her mode of worship”.


The Church Of Cognizance believe they have additional immunities, and protections as well, such as, exemption from license and tax in practicing medicine, through amongst other methods the use of, creator given, “Natural plant substances”, and a right to invoke the provisions of Arizona’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act.


  Dave was called upon by higher forces to join ranks with others of like belief, to spread the “Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds” of this “Good Religion”.


 In 2001??? Dave became a “Cannabis Sacrament Minister” of the THC-Ministry of Hawaii.


 This branch of The Church Of Cognizance has medicinal symbolism incorporated into the logo of their ministries, implying their knowledge of the healing properties of “cannabis” by which they choose to refer to marijuana, because they feel this is a less demonized cognomen.


 This branch, as most Marijuana Ministries, take the bible quite seriously, beginning with the writings in Genesis, they belief that out of the earth God created herbs for the service of man.


 In Ezekiel 47:12 they find, believe, and desire to follow Gods command that “upon this side of the river and that…shall grow the tree of life… and it’s seed shall be your meat, and it’s leaves your medicine.”


 They further believe, and maybe rightly so, that this is in reference to marijuana. After all how many plants have a seed nearly as digestible or nutritious as marijuana, and at the same time also have leaves shown to have healing properties capable of being effective in relief from so many ailments.


 Surprise! Archeologist have discovered remains of religious centers they believe existed around 4000 B.C., that tend to confirm that Marijuana may be the forgotten

Ritual source from which modern religion owes their beginning.


 The Electronic Journal of Vedic Studies out of Harvard confirms this connection through etymologic connections as well. A great deal of ancient knowledge has recently been reintroduced through their research.


 In recent years many scientist, like Professor Robert Melamede a microbiologist specialized in molecular genetics, Director of the Biology Department at the University of Colorado, have begun to confirm the essentialness of Marijuana to the evolution of human development and disease prevention.


 Here’s the problem. Dave decided it worked so well for the first friend, and he had several other friends that he felt Marijuana would also help.


 This inspired Dave to dedicate his life’s efforts toward helping these people who because of illness were also in positions of being unable to help themselves financially, or otherwise.


 Dave’s efforts did not go unnoticed, or unpunished.


 Maricopa County, in the State Of Arizona set a trap to catch Dave in the act of attempting to acquire marijuana to assist his benevolent efforts.


 In a confusing time, when members of his usual source for supplying medicinal quality marijuana were unavailable, Dave was also being informed of the urgency that he re-supply a support group for crones patients in New York State, and for other medically needy in his home state of Colorado. 


This was compounded when Maricopa County hired a “confidential informant” who, against the terms of his contract, contacted Dave on 3 separate occasions compelling Dave to come to Phoenix so he could supply Dave’s needs.


Dave, against better judgment, mortgaged his home for $90,000.00, and put with this, addition money he had just received from a remodeling job.


Dave came to Phoenix believing he was to meet with a person that he thought also wanted to help the sick and dieing.


 Instead before even seeing a drop of marijuana, he was arrested, and had his $130,000.00 confiscated.


 To add insult to injury Dave hired 2 attorneys, one for himself, and one for his co-defendant, a representive of the New York based crones support group.


 Dave requested the attorney mount a religious provider defense, which was immediately scoffed at, so Dave dropped the notion and put his life and defense in the hands of this attorney who did nothing to help yet charged $50,000.00.


 Then a Second Phoenix Attorney takes another $25,000.00 to convince Dave to give up constitutionally protected rights, and to accept a plea bargain.


 Dave was within a week of being sentenced to what he thought would be probation with the most a year in jail.


 While on the Phone discussing a couple of other cases the THC Ministry in Hawaii was involved in, Roger Christy the founder asked if I would be willing to help Dave with his trouble here in Arizona. 


This was the first I had heard of this case so upon hanging up from Roger I called Dave and offered the support of The Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center of Pima Arizona.


Dave drove down from Colorado and we spent most of his last week before sentencing trying to get a reply from his Second Attorney regarding a request to provide information she held, and that she withdraw his plea agreement. We sent case law showing his federally protected constitutional right to do so.


The only response received in our E-mail was condemnation, and her refusal to act in accordance with request of her client.


With time running out a third Phoenix Attorney was hired and several attempts were made to get him to at least motion to withdraw Dave’s plea agreement. Weather it was granted, or not, it would at least allow Dave grounds for appeal, where he could be granted the right to a Trial by a Jury of his peers. 


The third attorney told me he did not want to convolute the issues, “he was just interested in keeping Dave out of jail for now” and “we could raise the other issues later”.  He wanted to focus on a simple error of the prosecution that would only make a difference of weather Dave would receive a potential Sentence of up to 3 years, or a Maximum of 1 year, and that could be settled in “post conviction relief”.


 I wanted a motion to withdraw made so there would be grounds to appeal and start over if the motion to withdraw were denighed. 


 Even after the prosecution presented closing statements at the sentencing, and Dave’s attorney stood there looking dumbfounded, the judge acknowledged that he did not believe Dave to be a bad person, or the acts he attempted in Arizona to be inherently evil, and that in his home state of Colorado, or done in California he may have never been placed in this situation. 


The Judge went on to basically state that maybe in the future his attempts to help the sick and dieing would be tolerated in this state, but for now the prosecution having proven their case it was his job to uphold his oath to the Governor of this state and sentence Dave to 3 years incarceration to begin immediately.


What a travesty that the people of the Great State Of Arizona, apparently believing marijuana to be a relatively harmless substance would pass by initiative laws a right to use a natural, creator given substance, through allowing the medical use of cannabis, and desiring to let the people who had no victims out of prison to free up space for real criminals, yet our legislators and courts seem not to understand the scope and spirit intended by the people, or the human rights they violate, and thereby the pain and suffering they inflict upon the sick and dieing.


Dave was never permitted, nor did he have the legal understanding of how, to freely claim his religious mission.


Now Maricopa County has milked him for over $200,000.00, and added insult to injury by imposing this manifest injustice upon a man of good intentions, there is one less bed for a real criminal, with real victims.



    Enlightened Cogniscenti Danuel D. Quaintance

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