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What are the chances of coincedence that a Special Agent of the Treasury Department, SA William Schafer of the TIGTA Organized Crime Strike Force, would have the same name of a very stealth Special Agent, SA William Shafer, on scene in New Mexico, Feb. 22, 2006, during the incident and arrest of CoC members on that day? I realize the names are spelt differently, however this is not uncommon when being spelt by someone other the the person themselves. The fact remains after an intesive search on the internet for that name only the one working for the Treasury Dept. shows up. Further, the visit to the website Feb. 16, 2006, the purpose of the TIGF OCSF, interop with local and state government agents, etc. reveal a "totality of circumstance that would lead a reasonable observer to conclude they are one in the same.

As of this June 9, 2008, and after repeated request to investigate the identity there remains to be one bit of information released regarding who this person really is. This really looks suspicious. Like maybe illegal tactics were used that could result in the "Fruit of the poison tree" suppression of all evidence gathered, which of course would result in no evidence that could be used in a trial against Dan, Mary, or Joe!

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