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Letter to AZ Governor Janet Napolitano



August 19, 2004






The Honorable Janet Napolitano



Governor of Arizona



1700 West Washington



Phoenix, Arizona 85007









Dear Governor Napolitano,






  On August 10th, 2004 I sent an email request for help, through your Governor’s Office Website at http://www.governor.state.az.us/post/feedback.asp [See Attachment “A”]



 I apologize I was unable to connect with you while I was in Phoenix on a Clerical visit with the subject of this correspondence.



 Your email submission page states every email receives a written response.



 I have yet to receive one, as such I follow up with this letter through regular United States Postal Service, and as an Open Letter intended to be published in International forums to which our Church belongs.



  I sincerely beg your assistance in a matter of great urgency.



  I desire to prevent any greater injustice from occurring through ignorance, of “constitutional provisions” by our chosen Officials of Government, of this Great State, through their apparent lack of inquiry into the same.



  I appeal to your desire to be guided by your sworn Oath Of Office to uphold The Constitution of this Great State of Arizona.



 Our Constitution rightly protects Religious Freedom in Arizona with a greater stated scope than that of the First Amendment of the Constitution Of The United States of America.



  Observe Article 20, Section 1 and 13 of the Constitution of the state of Arizona wherein it reads:



 “First. Perfect toleration of religious sentiment shall be secured to every inhabitant of this state, and no inhabitant of this state shall ever be molested in person or property on account of his or her mode of religious worship, or lack of the same.”



“Thirteenth. This ordinance is hereby made a part of the Constitution of the state of Arizona, and no future constitutional amendment shall be made which in any manner changes or abrogates this ordinance in whole or in part without the consent of Congress.”







What is the Rule of Law?



What greater cognizable harm could there be, than to show any amount of disregard to a document with such great importance as A Constitution?



It is my understanding that a Constitution is a legal contract made for the binding of people of many faiths, customs and traditions into a State, with such terms as to insure toleration by all toward one another’s’ equal rights to Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness.



I have personally witnessed what I would consider a gross violation of our constitution, ineffective assistance of counsel, deception by prosecution, and the State demanding Forfeiture of inheritable property, which in reality amounts to corruption of blood.



All of which may rightly raise issues for post conviction relief through being denied constitutional guarantees to due process of law.



Neither the people nor our chosen form of Government may conveniently pick and choose which provisions we will obey and which we may ignore. What purpose then would a Constitution serve?  After all, is it not the foundation upon which all our proper laws exist.



To the point of this letter, it is impossible for anyone to deny that incarceration for a term of 3 years for practicing a provably ancient religious “mode of worship” is anything but being molested, especially in light of the lack of any “real” victims.



To proceed in law against a person upon the threat of “perceived victims” is a Con Job.



Dave was on a religious mission condoned by the Church Of Cognizance and regarded  as one of the more purposeful modes of worship of our Great Church.



Can there be any greater act of propitiation then tending to needs of the sick and dieing?



This was the chosen mission of Reverend David Truszkowski that he was attempting when he ran afoul of the States effort to bring this nations “Drug” problem into control.



We of the Church Of Cognizance do not believe ourselves above the law.  We do however expect that a Constitution will be obeyed and that no group will be granted special privileges or immunities not granted to all.



We are not at fault that the legislators are unable to see their way to include a simple provision similar to the defense granted when the Schedule 1 controlled substance Peyote is being used in a Bona Fide practice of religion.



Where’s the exclusion in statutes regarding “Marijuana” when it is being used in a Bona Fide religious practice?



How can any of the statutes of this Great State regarding Prohibition of “Marijuana”, an agricultural bi-product, be constitutional when they are so overly broad and vague as to






prohibit acts that are not necessarily reprehensible, or even considered a provable threat to the health, safety, or welfare of society any more so than many other substances that the People are allowed to grow, enter into commerce with, and put into “Their bodies”?



 Our desire to worship in our chosen mode is sincere.



We are a Neo-Zoroastrian based religion.



We study and follow many of their tenants, with a specific belief that “Marijuana” is the “Haoma” spoken of as “the averter of death and conqueror of the lie” in the Zoroastrian Avesta.



 The Avesta is a very early part of the Sacred Text of the East.  Haoma is another cognomen of the elusive “Soma” of the Veda. Recent Archeology has confirmed the identity of both to be “Marijuana”.



 We strive toward higher enlightenment through continued research into linguistics, archeology, history and modern science, all of which have led to concretize our beliefs’ and justify our practices in our chosen “mode of worship”.



 We harm no one through our benevolent acts and desire only that our contract with others of this Great State be recognized and upheld.



 Please, we of the Church Of Cognizance beg you, in your capacity as Governor of this Great State, to see the manifest injustice surrounding the circumstance in this case of Reverend David Truszkowski and that you take action in the form of commuting David’s sentence and placing an Order for the immediate release of this Brethren of ours.



 If you need more information regarding this case please do not hesitate to contact The Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center, Pima, Arizona. I will avail myself to your needs and hopefully a swift resolution to this manifest injustice.






        Sincere in Justice for all






                          Enlightened Cogniscenti Danuel D. Quaintance



                             Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center



                             13109 West Klondyke Road



                             HCR1 box 4352



                             Pima, Arizona 85543






Phone (928) 485-2952



Email: iam4liberty@enlightener.net                                    Website: http://haoma.org