The Church of Cognizance (COC) was originally founded in 1991 by Danuel & Mary Quaintance in Graham County (Pima) Arizona, United States. Members showed their membership by possessing ceramic amullets they wore that were handmade by dan&mary. These were eventually replaced with Official Membership Cards.


In 1994 the Church officially proclaimed its existence to the world by recording a 16 page "Declaration Of Religious Sentiment" which was filed on August 12. The COC Founders recorded their intent to unite the worlds Ethnic Minorities that utilize and rely upon the cannabis hemp plant as an Ethno-Socio-Religious Institution, following Neo-Zoroastrian tenets. Although COC members are encouraged to study all the worlds religions, the Zoroastrian Avesta is held by them to be the least convoluted and most ancient source of their practices and beliefs. Numerous references to Haoma can be found in the Hom Yasht (Marijuana Hymn) from the Avesta. Over the years the COC has grown into an International Religious Organization comprised of 78 registered monasteries spread across America and 5 foreign nations, some are Licensed Wellness Centers of the COC, some have members acting as Certified Couriers of the COC. The latter are certified by the Church, possess documentation impressed with the Great Seal of the Church of Cognizance declaring their Official function and capacity.


Members of the Church Of Cognizance believe: 1. That Marijuana (a.k.a. Haoma), when raised, and used properly, aids the mind, body, and soul. 2. That Haoma is the ancient teacher of wisdom, compassion, and the way to the kingdom of glory in heaven on earth, while humans let ego block their own, and others, path to this kingdom of glory. 3. That Haoma is the capable provider of all substance required to accommodate a comfortable, healthy, productive, full-bearing life. 4. That Haoma is the righteous Protector of our health, and longevity; by way of receptors in the human body that Haoma connects with to heal. For this we declare Marijuana the teacher, the protector, the provider. We further believe that the proper religious use promotes Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds, none of which is harmful to the health, safety, welfare, or morals of society in general.



Members are dedicated to promoting the health, safety, welfare, culture, and tradition of the family. 1. The physically able, retired adults, of the family should care for the sick, the eldest, and the youngest of the family. a. The eldest of the family whom have provided in the past should not be forgotten and tossed aside for strangers to care for. b. The children of the family need to learn the family's culture and traditions from a member of the family with that wisdom. c. It allows the able bodied of the family to work and provide for the entire family without the worry of who's caring for their offspring, and whose customs and traditions they are taught. d. It keeps family together, helping family, and the family as a whole may become Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.

Each Family Oriented Monastic Order of the Church Of Cognizance is designated an Individual Orthodox Member Monasteries IOMM

Inidividual Orthodox Member Monastery

Individual in they are unique within their own structure from other member monasteries. They have control over mode, and times, of worship that are adhered to within their Individual Monastery; in accordance with the creed, and modes, of the Church Of Cognizance; or based upon wisdom they have acquired through study of related modes, and artifacts. Orthodox in they understand right from wrong, and know that if an action produces a victim by injuring another person, or their property, that it is wrong and should be punished. In living with this understanding, that good thoughts, promote good words, promote good deeds, a monastery may be considered orthodox. Member as in a part of something bigger; through all IOMM's being conjoined in membership with each other; to adhere to, and promote, the Family Oriented lifestyle, and traditions, of the Church Of Cognizance; and wherefrom these IOMMS united through the Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center, are the Church Of Cognizance. Monastery in they are Sovereign. Their actions are not dictated by any other individual whom themselves are mere human.

The COC-CIC provides a place to unite existing members for exchange of News, individual's discoveries of further ancient links to other names, properties, care of, or methods of using Marijuana. It further provides a place IOMMs may offer tips and ask the advise of others of how they deal with various aspects of the Family Oriented Monastic lifestyle. (It isn't easy keeping families together in this day and age.) It is the communication center that links IOMMs together; wherein by consensus we may have "One Loud Voice in worldly matters"; and wherefrom promote a better world for all.

Scripture of the Church Of Cognizance

Cogniscenti of The Church Of Cognizance know that modern religions are descendent of Zoroastrian influence; they are also cognizant of the use of marijuana in religions predating Zoroastrianism. Cogniscenti of the church are encouraged to expand their knowledge through study of all sacred text, of all religions, and though study of information revealed through Archeological, Scientific, and Linguistic discovery. From this research our scripture is enhanced. It is a work in constant progress; through sharing of research amongst all Cogniscenti working to restore this lost wisdom. Initiate Cogniscenti are directed to the Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center to begin their study; Ordained, and Enlightened Cogniscenti are directed to the same to submit any discoveries they have made, for other members enlightenment; and to be kept aware of the latest discoveries others have submitted. Upon sufficient proof, or upon acceptance by a majority of IOMMs the new information should be incorporated into the COC text as part of the Church Of Cognizance's unique scripture. Of all the sacred text translated to date the Avesta most openly reveals the sacredness of Marijuana, as displayed in Yasna 9-11 of the Hom Yasht. All later religious text do reveal the same information, however, it is in a fashion that a person must solve the riddle to reveal the Mystery. The mystery being what plant could possibly provide, and do, all that is attributed to the tree of life? Cogniscenti reveal that Marijuana will not only supply all needs physically, and medicinally, but utilized in the proper mode, and setting, will allow the Cogniscenti to expand upon mental capabilities to a point some believe to be myths. Telekinesis is possible! Remaining healthy, and productive to a much greater age is also possible. The Avesta is a good source of scripture. And Zoroastrianism is an Honorable religion; however a student of Zoroastrianism will find it a family religion similar to our IOMMs. Zorastrians do not believe in converting between religions. You may only become a true Zoroastrian by being born into, or married into, the Zarathrusta family. Zoroastrianism is the practice of Zarathrusta family customs, habits, and traditions; just as the Church Of Cognizance is organized wherein each IOMM practices and passes on their families customs, habits, and traditions.


A member Cogniscenti may only be excommunicated by 2/3 vote of dues paying member Cogniscenti An IOMM may only have its charter taken by 2/3 votes of dues paying IOMMs with 1 vote going to each voting IOMM. All calls to vote will be made through the COC-CIC; and ballots will be mailed 30-days prior to tally. Any late votes will not be counted. If all of the above sounds like it fits within your belief's we encourage you to join us as an IOMM of the Church Of Cognizance by submitting a Membership Application through the Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center website using the online enrollment form or visit the Members information page (cache)

Church Of Cognizance IOMM Membership Pledge

I/WE __ by submitting this application, have pledged my allegiance, and support, to the Church Of Cognizance, and the IOMMs of which it is composed. I will do my best to live an honorable life; in a family oriented mode; as described in The Church Of Cognizance Beliefs Introduced; at the Church Of Cognizance Cultural Information Center. I will not allow any Marijuana raised for religious use to enter into commerce, nor will I provide marijuana to anyone outside of the Church Of Cognizance; other than in providing for the religious use by a potential member; and, that use will be under my direct supervision. I further agree that until such time as the governments end their war against our sacrament, I will keep any cultivation, or use, confined to a secluded, secure area, in order to mitigate government fears regarding child endangerment. I further understand it is a duty of mine to share the bounty of any harvest with the sick, and dieing free of charge; when requested, if I am aware, or made aware, of it being beneficial in such situations. I will respect other families lifestyles by agreeing not to introduce any minors into the Marijuana Religion.


COC Cultural Information Centers

Main COC-CIC Pima (cache), Arizona, Enlightened Cogniscenti dan&mary Quaintance

COC-CIC Puna (cache), Hawaii, Enlightened Cogniscenti Daniel Jeffrey

COC Membership Information

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