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" Hail to thee, O Haoma, who hast power as thou wilt, and by thine inborn strength! Hail to thee, thou art well-versed in many sayings, and true and holy words. Hail to thee for thou dost ask no wily questions, but questionest direct." Avesta: "Hom Yasht" Yasna-9:25.

Many users of cannabis, especially those who have experimented with more hallucinogenic substances often return to cannabis, finding lives primeval desires satiated by this less than understood substance through which the soul connects with universal forces.

Many people misunderstanding the phenomena compelling allegiance to the cannabis religion incorporate more familiar ritualistic constructs, and therein convolute the simple explanation offered in the Avestan verse, “I ask no wily questions, but questioneth direct”.

Once a person consuming marijuana gets past the giggles of the new experience they most often discover themselves pondering subjects they have sought answer to, and under the psychoactive principle providing the “vision” of “enlightening focus” many are often intrigued by finding their answers, to complex riddles of life, hidden within sight there under everyone’s nose.


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3. ELECTRONIC JOURNAL OF VEDIC STUDIES (EJVS) Vol. 9 (2003) Issue 1a (May 4) (©) ISSN 1084-7561 (cache)

Note: The Soma-Haoma issue of the EJVS, of which this is the first part, presents the direct and indirect outcome of a workshop on the Soma-Haoma problem organized by the Research school CNWS, Leiden University, 3-4 July 1999.

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