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"Still today the Real teachings of Zarathushtra will be considered blasphemy and if one tries to remove the cover placed on it, that person may well be crucified even today."2

Zarathustra's Praise to Haoma 

"Thereupon spake Zarathushtra: Praise to Haoma made by Mazda, good is Haoma Mazda-made. . . To thee, O holy Haoma! bearer of the ritual sanctity, I offer this my person which is seen (by all to be) mature, (and fit for gift); to Haoma the effective do I offer it, and to the sacred exhilaration which he bestows; and do thou grant to me (for this), O holy Haoma! thou that drivest death afar, (Heaven) the best world of the saints, shining, all brilliant. . . I celebrate my praises for good thoughts, good words, and good deeds for my thoughts, my speeches, and (my) actions. With chanting praises I present all good thoughts, good words, and good deeds, and with rejection I repudiate all evil thoughts, and words, and deeds. . . Here I give to you, O ye Bountiful Immortals! sacrifice and homage with the mind, with words, deeds, and my entire person; yea, (I offer) to you the flesh of my very body (as your own). And I praise Righteousness. A blessing is Righteousness (called) the Best, &c." Prelude to the Haoma Offering; Avesta Yasna,11:8-1

Zarathustra's Message 

His message is a living message. It is divine. It is based on the triple principle of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds." It promotes the human mind and provokes its thinking faculty. It solves the complicated problem of Good and Evil by placing them in the human mind as two opposing "mentalities," not entities. Good serves and promotes human society in an ecologically sound world, while evil damages and retards society's good progress. A human being, endowed with a discriminating mind, is born free to choose between good and evil. This places a heavy responsibility on an individual. A person is good if he or she chooses to think good thoughts and, in turn, speaks good words and performs good deeds. One is evil if one chooses to think evil and consequently speak and do evil. Good deeds lead a person to wholeness and immortality, and evil deeds make one suffer and grope in darkness until light is found and truth realized. Moral rectitude, the good and the bad consequences of one's deeds follow every act one performs. Zarathushtra's divine message advocates that every person should choose to serve God, the society, and the living world. It advocates human progress through harmony with the beneficial nature. It accords perfect equality to men and women. Society is based on home, district, state, country, and world; or in other words, on family , community, nation, and world fellowship. There exists no racial superiority, no caste nobility, and no professional priority. Superiority, nobility, and priority belong to the virtuous wise, who can lead the world to spiritual and material completion, and consequently to the Source of Creation and Totality of Wisdom. With the wise leading the world, the message is ever fresh and ever present. The religion of Zarathushtra is a self-renovating religion. It is a timeless guide to humanity.1

Jesus and Zarathustra's Message Share A Common TRUTH 

The teachings of Jesus were what he had learned from his teachers, the Father, the Magi's. Most of these were considered blasphemy in the eyes of the pagans and true Zarathushtism is considered blasphemy even today. Asho Zarathushtra shows the way to perfection (Hurvatata), immortality (Amertatat) and self realization and oneness with God (Ahura Mazda); and Jesus says: " .... they follow me and I give them eternal life (Hurvatata), and they shall never perish, and no one shall snatch them out of my hand (Amertata). What my Father has given to me, is greater than all, and no one is able to snatch them out of my Fathers's hand. I and the Father are one." (John 10: 27-30) To the pagans this was blasphemy and, ' The Jews took up stones again to stone him. Jesus answered them, " I have shown you many good works from the Father; for which of these do you stone me?" The Jews answered him, "It is not for a good work that we stone you but for the blasphemy; because you, being a man, make yourself God." (John 10: 31-33) This is exactly what Zarathushtra has preached and Jesus was repeating. What is also important is that the people refer to the claim of "Make yourself God" and not about being the Son of God. The reply given by Jesus removes all doubt, if any one has any. 'Is it not written in your law "men are gods". (John 10: 34) He was referring to the Old Testament (Genesis 1:26); 'Then God said, "let us make men in our image, after our likeness;.' Although this fact is in the Avesta the present day Zarathushties, like the Jews in those days, do not believe in it and call it blasphemy. The wars of the Two Spirits thus lead to a draw. The three-generation plan eradicated Paganism but not completely. Zarathushtism was spread but under paganistic colours. Christianity has come to stay but the words of Christ, although very clearly stated in the Bible, are not followed because the paganistic mind does not permit it to believe that one could achieve perfection. The Zarathushtis decided to wait and see the results and then give another try. This is the very reason that all religions believe that at the end of time a saviour will come to spread the true religion. Which means what we believe is not true. Otherwise why should a saviour come? Christianity moved into the pagan West and left the Jews to themselves. The death of pure Paganism leads the western world to a new era. There were great changes in their Way of Life but the change was not complete, it was mixed with paganism. Knowledge became free to man but not completely. The church played the role of the Oracle and put to death whosoever crossed the new limits set for knowledge. Even today in the twenty-first century this function is still performed although they have extended the limits for knowledge a little further every few centuries. The Dead Sea Scrolls in conjunction with the large number of tablets found by archaeologist dating back to over 3000 years help us to understand the role played by the Zarathushties in the religious development in this part of the World. But the curtain that covers it has been woven with over a thousand years of paganistic thinking and has deep roots in every thing that we do today, thus it cannot be easily rolled aside to uncover the TRUTH. Still today the Real teachings of Zarathushtra will be considered blasphemy and if one tries to remove the cover placed on it, that person may well be crucified even today."2


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