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We chose to call ourselves Neo-Zoroastrian because we found the Zoroastrian religion is considered to be the progenitor of most modern religions. However, like a rumor spread around a room from ear to ear get's confused having little resemblance to what was originally said, we believe the truth of that ancient religion has become confused and today is much different than it's earliest beginnings. For this reason we wanted to attempt to discover and return to the original as when Zoroastrianism was new (neo).

By researching the very beginnings of Zoroastrianism. The who, what, where, how, and why of the worlds oldest recognized religion we will be better prepared to return to the benevolent practices taught in the beginning. This is not saying modern religions are not good. We just recognize many have many ways of interpreting the scripture, which has evolved, and that some of those religious interpretations have led to less than peaceful results.

Whereas it is a goal of the COC to promote "Peace on Earth goodwill toward ALL" through "good thoughts, good words, good deeds,", and we find this to be a common thread that weaves throughout most religions. This may one day rebind us into the beautiful tapesty, which such weaving of our common goods could produce. A benevolent society we as humans can share.

Some groups of modern Zoroastrians have strayed far from their ancient roots to where most are against the peaceful loving way taught by prior Zar-asters, as well as Allah, Budda, JHVH, Jesus, Et.Al., who all have taught the simular moral lessons of attempting to settle differences through acceptance of harmless peculiarities of others, or through settling differences through verbal means rather than resorting to the sword.

Most all religions have a common phrase which implies "do not do to others what you would not want done to you". Another along this line would be "Love fulfills all law, for it does no injury to your nieghbor."

As we seek to manifest a "New" reocurrence to original precepts of Zoroastrianiasm, and not simply compound errors resulting of changing interpretations over time, as found in some modern sects of Zoroastrianism, we believe we are following the who, what, where, how, and why of the truest form of the Zoroastrian religion. As it was in the beginning.

Because many religions trace their roots back to the Zoroastrian religion, seeking full enlightenment dictates study into all religions, in order to find the jewels that have survived in various interpretations over the years, and to understand the differences that have come to be.

Reference Material

Spirit of the Zoroastrian Religion A lecture delivered, by invitation, at the Town Hall,Bombay, on the 14th of February, 1882, before the Parsi Community. By COL. HENRY S. OLCOTT; PRESIDENT OF THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY; Bombay, India

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