Good thoughts-good words-good deeds

Amongst the various sects found in Zoroastrianism, having various names referring to Zar-aster, from whom the religion recieves it's name, the common thread to be found amongst them is in the common mantra of the religion, the Moral and Ethical compass of the faith.:

"Good thoughts, good words, good deeds"

A few examples of the common view, as to the meaning of the mantra, have been collected here below for your enlightenment!

Danuel D. Quaintance Church of Cognizance

"The most important thing about Zoroastrianism is the dedication to ethical and moral excellence. The motto of the faith is:


This threefold path is the center of the faith. One knows what is good through the Divine help of Vohu Manah (Good Mind) and divinely inspired conscience (Daena).

If there is anything to remember about Zoroastrianism, it is this threefold path. By thinking good thoughts, one is moved to speak good words, and that leads to good deeds. This is a practical and world-affirming faith, that does not hate the world nor dwell on sin and guilt."

http://www.pyracantha.com/Z/zorofaq.html (cache)

- The Persian culture is the dedication to ethical and moral excellence which is based on three simple fundamental principles:


http://www.iranalliance.org/allies.htm (cache)

Zerdushti (Zaradeshti; Zardashti; Zoroastrianism, Mazdaism)

Zerdushti or Zaradeshti (Kurdish) is the most ancient living religion in the world. It originated about four thousand years ago, and takes its name from its founder, Zerdusht (also known as Zoroaster or Zarathushtra). Westerners have given the religion the name of Zoroastrianism because Westerners called its prophet Zoroaster. It is a religion of vitality and activism, responsible for the rise of one of the world's powerful societies, (the Media Persian Empire of the 6th century BC). Another name for Zerdushti is Mazdaism. It is derived from the name of the religion's supreme god, Mazda ("wise"), or Ahura Mazda ("wise lord").

Zerdusht was a member of the Magi tribe. Herodotus (a Greek historian of the 5th century BC) mentions the Magi as a Median tribe and ancestors of the Kurds. The Magi were mostly educated people, such as astrologers or physicians. The Median tribes were more advanced than the rest of Persia.

Zerdusht left his home at the age of thirty in search of solutions to the problems his people were experiencing. After 10 years, he returned home and presented to his people the message he received from Ahura Mazda (Wise Lord). Within a short period of the time, he was able to spread these teachings throughout the region.

The main message of Zerdushti is "GOOD THOUGHTS, GOOD WORDS, GOOD DEEDS." Good thinking is the source of good words and good actions. Good thinking (otherwise called the proper understanding), gives rise to good words and actions in the world.

http://www.kurdistanica.com/english/religion/articles/rel-articles-02.html (cache)

Seths Blog: Good thoughts, good words, good deeds

How to build a religion (and then watch it fade).

http://sethgodin.typepad.com/seths_blog/2006/09/good_thoughts_g.html (cache)

Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds
Sign The Global Peace & Common Cause Petition
Earth's Common Sense Think Tank

http://www.venusproject.com/ecs/good_thoughts.html (cache)

Live by "Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds"

http://www.43things.com/things/view/477137 (cache)

YAHOO GROUPS -- zartosht · Good thoughts-Good words-Good deeds

"Members of this group are consisted of Scholars, researchers, students and people who have interest in Zoroastrianism. Some are learning about this great faith just for the sake of knowledge. There are others who are on their way to become a Zoroastrian and want to learn as much as possible before implementation of the faith. We all come from different backgrounds and places such as North and South America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. You will find Iranians, Indians, Americans, Brazilians, Cubans, Venezuelans, Swedish, and many more people from other countries here. We are all here gathering around a light, light of righteousness. We are all driven to very basic core of this great faith. GOOD THOUGHTS,GOOD WORDS,and GOOD DEEDS. We all are here to learn and to teach, to give and take, to hear and be heard and in the process become a better person."

http://groups.yahoo.com/group/zartosht/?yguid=135426218 (cache)

On good words, good deeds and good thoughts

==Some Basic Maxims of Zoroastrianism==

* Humata, Hukhta, Huvarshta, which mean: Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

* There is only one path and that is the path of Truth.

* Do the right thing because it is the right thing to do, and then all beneficial rewards will come to you also.

http://www.martinfrost.ws/htmlfiles/good.html (cache)


"His trained missionaries preached the divine message far and wide. The Zarathushtrian fellowship widened to include people of many races and nations. For the first time in history, a universal religion was born with a message to inspire all of mankind.

His divine message was a unique revelation, a fresh outlook, a new philosophy, a novel doctrine. It cleansed the human mind of prejudices, superstitions, and evil thoughts. It denied multiple illusory deities and proclaimed Ahura Mazda, the Wise Lord, as the only God, creator, maintainer, and promoter of the cosmos, the good, beautiful, and orderly universe. Zarathushtra's message stood for peace, progress, and prosperity on this good earth and a blissful life beyond.

His message is a living message. It is divine. It is based on the triple principle of "Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds." It promotes the human mind and provokes its thinking faculty. It solves the complicated problem of Good and Evil by placing them in the human mind as two opposing "mentalities," not entities. Good serves and promotes human society in an ecologically sound world, while evil damages and retards society's good progress. A human being, endowed with a discriminating mind, is born free to choose between good and evil. This places a heavy responsibility on an individual. A person is good if he or she chooses to think good thoughts and, in turn, speaks good words and performs good deeds. One is evil if one chooses to think evil and consequently speak and do evil. Good deeds lead a person to wholeness and immortality, and evil deeds make one suffer and grope in darkness until light is found and truth realized. Moral rectitude, the good and the bad consequences of one's deeds follow every act one performs. Zarathushtra's divine message advocates that every person should choose to serve God, the society, and the living world. It advocates human progress through harmony with the beneficial nature. It accords perfect equality to men and women. Society is based on home, district, state, country, and world; or in other words, on family, community, nation, and world fellowship. There exists no racial superiority, no caste nobility, and no professional priority. Superiority, nobility, and priority belong to the virtuous wise, who can lead the world to spiritual and material completion, and consequently to the Source of Creation and Totality of Wisdom. With the wise leading the world, the message is ever fresh and ever present. The religion of Zarathushtra is a self-renovating religion. It is a timeless guide to humanity.

The message of Zarathushtra is aimed at knowing God, loving people, caring for animals, plants, water, air and minerals, and at promoting the spiritual and material world. The message provokes the mind, sweetens the tongue, and invigorates the body to make life mentally and physically, spiritually and materially progressive, prosperous, peaceful, refreshed, happy, and loving. The message is "Divine and Zarathushtrian."

http://www.zoroastrian.org/articles/Message_of_Zarathushtra/Pt_00_Salient_Points_of_Good_Religion.htm (cache)


Every thing that is created was first a Thought.

So let your Thoughts be Good

Good Thoughts are those that are in harmony with the Wisdom in Creation

Let your Good Thoughts be known through Good Words

For that's when Creation first comes into being




http://www.ahura.homestead.com/ (cache)


.. the sake of the best righteousness. Good Thoughts .. Good Words. Good Deeds. These are the images of the prophet Zarathustra and the symbol of Faravahar.

http://cobweb.ecn.purdue.edu/~bulsara/ZOROASTRIAN/zoroastrian.html (cache)


"The Zoroastrian religion is founded by Zarathushtra in ancient Avestan language or Zoroaster in Greek or Zartosht in Farsi, the Persian Iranian language. Zarathushtra was one of the earliest and perhaps the first prophet to teach monotheism, the belief in one God. He preached a new doctrine of good, evil and retribution. And he gave the world the triple motto of Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds."

http://californiazoroastriancenter.org/ (cache)


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