Good Thoughts - Good Words - Good Deeds

- By Bahram Maskanian

To kill is to commit suicide. By killing another for whatever the reason, the assassin’s own heart and soul dies first. When for the first time one attempts to pull the trigger or strike a deadly blow upon another, it shall result into two (2) consequences. The first, would be the loss of one’s sense of humanity and compassion, and second, is the destruction of someone else.

Destroying one’s enemies is to destroy one’s own life and sense of being, first. Try to transform your enemies into allies through honest honorable communication and reasoning, thereby eradicating the barbaric means of WAR, saving your own life and soul. Put yourself in your adversary’s position and treat them the way you wish to be treated. Remember, reform begins with oneself.

Fundamentalism of any kind, color and origin will lead to disaster and is a big mistake. No philosophy or religion ever had the answer and none ever will. Fear and prejudice are controlling instruments of religion, constantly introduced into our lives and hearts. One must beware not to darken one’s heart and soul with prejudice and fear.

Living life without fear and prejudice is enormously rich, fruitful and satisfying. Love and respect your adversaries and be good to those who you hate and thought that they may have hated you.

Be brave and die only once. Be a coward and die a thousand times a day. Good thoughts - good words - good deeds are free and easy-to-use instruments of respectful and peaceful existence.

From high above we keep on bombing the weak and the defenseless, killing thousands of people in the pursuit of democracy and justice. Revenge killing of the innocent is neither just nor a cause for democracy. The American people are powerful enough to lead by example, to forgive and begin a new beginning. Democracy is invisible, it cannot be preached or imposed. Democracy must be illustrated.

Compassion and Forgiveness are true attributes of the mighty and powerful. Compassion and Forgiveness are the instruments of power in the hands of the mighty and powerful, encouraging humility, restraint and thoughtfulness. The disenfranchised, the weak and the powerless can never forgive.

However we treat our fellow human beings in need, the orphans, the weak, the homeless, the poor, and the sick are clear indications of how we have chosen to be treated ourselves.

No matter where you live, where you come from and what religious system you believe in, try to understand that we are in this together, in a universal struggle between the forces of light and darkness, confronted daily with the mysteries of life. We all need each other to hopefully one day, solve these mysteries and remove the darkness.

Unconditional love of life and the ability to share the abundance of Mother Earth’s blessings is the only way to generate a force capable of transforming our enemies into life-long friends.