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In loving memory of Mary Helen Quaintance

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Mary Quaintance, cofounder of the Church of Cognizance

March 28, 1955 — March 8, 2013

"And can it be that in a world so full and busy the loss of one creature makes a void so wide and deep that nothing but the width and depth of eternity can fill it up!"::

_ _ _ _ _ _Charles Dickens (1812-1870)

Mary was proud of being a cannabis activist, and proudest and happiest with friends and family. I, and I know full well her family and friends, will always harbor fond memories of Mary's fun and adventures.

Peace be with you Dear
your loving hubby dan!

I wouldn't go into battle, if I thought we couldn't win the war!
EC Mary Quaintance

There was a lot of media surrounding our case and until recently we had little chance to edit this website; as such we pointed to this page listing the stories here on this site.

We are Patriotic Citizens of the United States of America. Dan Volunteered into the Service of the United States Army Corp in June of 1970, was trained in the Army Signal Corp as a Fixed Plant Carrier Equipment Repairman. Then was trained and served in the United States Army Chemical Corp as a Chemical Warfare Equipment Repairman, where he was exposed to Agent Orange and other government Human Experiments during his term of duty.

Dan does a lot of research into the past, giving relevant insight into what is happening in the world today and as a result of his findings, I.E., pre-military status, he is being treated like a terrorist by monitoring of his internet and phone communications.

This is not paranoid delusion; beyond access Logs, other evidence of network hacking will be put up here to show the world that the home network and internet sites have been monitored by Bush's people under his ever increasing Nazi like power of Motherland security forces (cache)(cache) used to keep American citizens in line,

Investigate Monsanto (cache)(cache) and Mexican charges of Bioterrorism regarding their Maize crop the peasants have nurtured for 10,000 years until Monsanto was forced on them, Punta Cana with ties to New York developers, Cornell University, and Stevens Institute, working all in the name of protecting us citizens from ourselves. While the Ecosystem is destroyed for capital gain.

on Biogenetic projects.

Also what about Vice President Cheney's company Halliburton's open government contract where the more the war cost the more money they make as a percentage of that expense, and other such connections to the corruption that exist in this corrupt administration.

World peace will not be possible until people wake up and realize the goal of Supremacy advocated by the Elite group (cache)(cache)PNAC (cache)(cache) is not the route. Recognition of equality and human freedoms is the only rightful path.{DIV}

While we do not advocate nor support Terrorist tactics we recognize the truth that Terrorist are guerilla fighters fighting a giant by the only method available to them to free their people of the oppression of tyrants and ecoterrorism inflicting the true injuries upon all of humanity.

Confessions Of A Human Bomb (cache) Explains this fact very well. They do not do it to meet their maker!

02-17-06 U.S. Customs website visit 4 day's before our arrest in NM.

10-22-06 home network interference with links back to Army Intelligence, Internet Development Corp, and Bush.


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