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Homeland Security?

Homeland Security?

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both" - Benjamin Franklin

Active Internal Homeland
Security Checkpoint:

Arizona State Route 86
Mile Marker 146

Homeland Security Checkpoint:
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Homeland Security Checkpoint:
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What's Wrong With These Pictures?

U.S. Border Patrol surveillance towers, random profiling, and warrantless searches and seizures are common occurrences along SR86 in Southern Arizona. Countless individuals are subjected to unconstitutional suspicionless searches, seizures and invasions of their privacy on a daily basis by some Border Patrol agents with little regard for the rule of law and even less respect for those they allegedly serve and protect.

Given that SR86 is well over 40 miles North of the border, you may ask yourself why so many Border Patrol resources are directed against the traveling public miles away from the nearest border absent individualized suspicion of wrongdoing. Why aren't these resources being used on the border instead where there's little question as to who is entering the country unlawfully? Given that the Border Patrol spends so little time actually patrolling the Border and so much time promoting unlawful searches and seizures along public highways - the name 'Border Patrol' no longer appears representative of the agencies mission.

While I have no issue with agencies that conduct their affairs within Constitutional boundaries and carry out their mission in a responsible, lawful and professional manner, it's clear the Border Patrol has stepped well outside these reasonable boundaries. Below you will find links to DHS & Border Patrol misconduct that highlight this condition. I'll leave it to you to decide whether the liberty we are losing has resulted in an increase in our security....

Who watches the watchers...

Arizona SR86 Enforcement Photos:
Articles highlighting Border Patrol abuse including murder, rape, excessive force, fraud, drug smuggling, kidnapping, etc.
Another semi-annual report shows significantly large numbers of arrests of DHS employees, and a department besieged by complaints --  with a total of 8,619 complaints for this 6 month time frame -- nearly double the 4,314 filed complaints for the period ending in October of 2006.
A semi-annual report filed this week by Homeland Security Inspector General Richard L. Skinner showed a marked increase in arrests of department and other government employees, but contained no recommendations for security improvements.
Troubling statistics regarding the number of Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested for DUI in 2003 along with an even more troubling attitude exhibited by the Local 2544 Border Patrol Union boss
Border Patrol agents ordered by the Tucson Border Patrol sector Chief Michael Nicley to reduce arrests along the Border near Naco, Arizona in the aftermath of the Minuteman project. Keep this in mind when reading about the suspicionless roadblock setup by the Border Patrol over 40 miles North of the border during the same time period.
Information regarding a DHS/BP roadblock on Arizona SR86 over 40 miles North of the international border.
Information regarding a DHS/BP roadblock on Arizona SR86 over 40 miles North of the international border.
A brief commentary by Ernest Hancock that also provides links to the company that makes the surveillance towers seen in the photo above. A link to a video presentation regarding the towers and their intended use is also available.
Two accounts of the violent beating of a Chinese tourist for no good reason by a Border Patrol agent in Niagra Falls.
Links regarding Border Patrol property seizures - a 'tool' being used to augment Homeland Security budgets.
Former Border Patrol agent and union leader Joseph Dassaro speaks out against agency mismanagement and abuse.
A statement from Michael R, Bromwich, Inspector General of the Department of Justice, before the United States Senate Caucus on International Narcotics Control highlighting INS abuse and corruption along the border. These hearings were held well before the exponential growth in man power and budget the Border Patrol has seen since 9/11. The problems highlighted during the hearings were never adequately addressed.
This GAO Report on Internal Checkpoints shows that Border Operations are more effective at interdicting illegal traffic than internal checkpoints.

CBP Audit Report

I recently came across an April 2006 audit report authored by the Department of Homeland Security's Office of Inspector General. The report centers around ICE's Office of Detention and Removal (DRO) and highlights the fact that the office releases approximately 36% of all illegal aliens apprehended and detained by CPB every year. These individuals are released into the United States either on bond while awaiting the results of their immigration cases or on their own recognizance.

In raw numbers, this represents approximately 110,000 individuals every year with 62-89% absconding after final deportation court orders are issued. As of December 2005, official records indicate the presence of over 544,000 such individuals. Over 45,000 of these are from countries on terrorist watch lists and another 30,000 have criminal records.

Given these facts, one must once again question why CBP conducts suspicionless checkpoints against the traveling public in the interior of the country while at the same time releasing hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens back into society with full knowledge that the vast majority will run after being ordered to leave the country by the federal courts.

If CBP was truly serious about border enforcement then why aren't the same resources being used to violate the rights of American citizens at suspicionless checkpoints being used to track down and detain the half a million+ individuals who have been processed by the system but have refused to obey court orders to leave the country?

Those who give up essential liberty for the perception of security...

The report, in its entirety, can be accessed here:

Detention and Removal of Illegal Aliens - April 2006 Office of Inspector General Audit Report

High Intensity Enforcement Area...

For over two years, the Border Patrol manned a so-called 'High Intensity Enforcement Area' along sections of SR86, over 40 miles North of the international border. Border Patrol activities in the area included surveillance towers, marked and unmarked enforcement vehicles, random suspicionless profiling, unwarranted searches & seizures and suspicionless roadblocks. Much of this activity stopped after I was unreasonably detained at a roadblock inside the zone and filed complaints with various government officials regarding this unlawful Border Patrol activity. I have since learned the 'High Intensity Enforcement Area' was moved to the Yuma sector - which coincidentally occurred around the same time my letters reached the offices of Congressmen Grijalva and Kyl.

Several photos of the 'High Intensity Enforcement Area' appear below.

Video of Border Patrol activity in the 'High Intensity Enforcement Area':

Surveillance tower footage
Suspicionless Roadblock

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