Attendees of First Congress

A view of the sanctuary area at the meeting hall


Group photo taken on last day of congress.
Note: only delegates that remained to the last day are included in this photo.

Delegates attending the 1st Congress of the United Cannabis Ministries, held in Laytonville, California, October 26th-28th, 2005 included the following persons

Rev. Randy and Tuyet Hoa Bofinger

Mt. Shasta, CA

E-mail: solareb at sbcglobal.net

Rev. Jeff Brown

Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church

356 E. Hwy 50

Claremont, FLA. 34711

(352) 242-0317

(352) 207-4511

E-mail: jab at lcia.com

Rev. Tom Brown

Church of the Magi


P.O. Box2827

Fayetteville, AR


E-mail: revtombrown at hotmail.com

website: http://www.firstchurchmagi.org

Rev. Seeva Cherms

P.O. Box 5955

South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96449

Lake Oroville, CA. 95966-9632

(530) 533-7525

Cell (530) 402-9582

E-mail: seevalustahoe at yahoo.com

Rev. Steven Cherms

P.O. Box 5955

South Lake Tahoe, CA. 96449

143 Parnam Rd.

Lake Oroville CA. 95966-9632

(530) 533-7525

Cell (530) 403-9626
E-mail: seevalustahoe at yahoo.com

Rev. Roger Christie

T.H.C. Ministry Hawaii

P.O. Box 202

Hilo, HI 96721

(808) 961-0488

E-mail: rogerchristie at yahoo.com

website: http://www.thc-ministry.org

Rev. Les Crane (Beloved 1967-2006)

Mendo Remedies

Alternative Care

44975 Hyw.101


Laytonville, CA. 95454

Rev. Jim Bob Cunningham

The Church of Us

Fern Forest,HI.

(808) 217-7248

E-mail: cunninghamjimbob at yahoo.com

Rev. Patrick Duff

Hemp information Ministry

2283 Ventura Blvd.

Woodland Hills, CA

(818) 225-2426

E-mail: iam420in at aol.com

Rev. Ed Forchion

(a.k.a) New Jersy Weedman

P.O. Box 1302

Brown Mills,NJ 08015

(609) 509-0133

E-mail: njweedman at yahoo.com

website: http://www.njweedman.com

Rev. Giovanni Natale

241-B Marine St.

Santa Monica, CA 90405

(310) 450-2285

E-mail: jvani at webtv.net

Rev. Nancy Waite Harris

Sacred Truth Mission

P.O. Box 1283

Kurtistown, HI 96760

(808) 313-0869

E-mail: punarasta at yahoo.com

Jack Herer

Help End Marijuana Prohibition

5632 Van Nuys Blvd.

310 Van Nuys, CA. 91401

(818) 988-6210

Fax : (818) 988-3319

website: http://jackherer.com

Rev. Robert Horvath Jr.

Church of Universal Sacraments

871 Waianuenue Ave.

Hilo, HI 96720

(808) 935-1791

E-mail: thechurchofus at thechurchofus.com

website: http://www.thechurchofus.com

EC Daniel Jeffrey

Church of Cognizance

Cultural Information Center Puna,HI.

P.O. Box 1004

Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

(808) 965-7514

E-mail: clearcloud9 at enlightener.net

website: http://haoma.info

Rev. Eddy Lepp

Eddy's Medicinal Gardens

9176 Upper Lake Lucerne Rd.

Upper Lake, CA. 95485

(707) 275-8879

E-mail: eddy at eddymedicinalgardens.com

Rev. Linda Senti (Beloved -???? - 2007)
9176 Upper Lake Lucerne Rd.
Upper Lake, CA 95485
(707) 275-8879

Rev. Ukiah Sativa Morrison

Hemp Plus Ministry

521 Empire Dr.

Ukiah, CA. 95482

(707) 684-0170

E-mail: ukiahsativa at hotmail.com

Elvy Musikka

Sacramento, CA

(916) 320-9052 (cell)

website: http://www.elvymusikka.com

EC Danuel D. Quaintance

Church Of Cognizance

Cultural Information Center Pima,Az.

13109 W. Klondyke Rd.

HCR1 Box 4352

Pima, AZ 85543

(928) 485-2952

E-mail: iam4liberty at enlightener.net

website: http://danmary.org

website: http://haoma.org

EC Mary Quaintance (Beloved 1955-2013)

Church Of Cognizance

Cultural Information Center Pima,Az.

13109 W. Klondyke Rd.

HCR1 Box 4352

Pima, AZ 85543

(928) 485-2952

E-mail: hempgodess at enlightener.net

website: http://danmary.org

Rev. Kenneth Redick

54895 Hwy 101

Laytonville. CA. 95454

Email : kennethredick at yahoo.com

Rev. Christopher Robin

241 B Marine

Santa Monica, Ca 90405

(310) 450-2285

Rev. Lynnette Shaw

Marin Alliance for Medical Marijuana

132 Scenic Rd.

Fairfax, CA 94930

(415) 456-4313

(415) 256-9328

E-mail: revshaw at hotmail.com

website: http://lynnetteshawband.com

website: http://www.cbcmarin.com

Rodney Sheriff

132 Scenic Rd.

Fairfax, CA. 94930

(415) 456-4313

(415) 256-9328

E-mail: revshaw at hotmail.com

website: http://lynetteshawband.com

website: http://www.cbcmarin.com

John R. Stahl

Church of the living tree

P.O. Box 64

Leggett, CA 95585

E-mail: tree at tree.org

Website: http://www.tree.org/clt.htm

Rev. Pebbles Trippet

Medical Marijuana Patient's Union

P.O. Box 2059

Fort Bragg, CA 95437

(707) 877-3330

E-mail : pebbles at mmpu.org

website : http://www.mmpu.org

Rev. Erica Womachka

9176 Upper Lake Lucern Rd.

Upper Lake CA. 95485

(707) 349-6142

(707) 275-8879

E-mail: marigirl_420 at yahoo.com


This list may not be exhaustive. If a person is not listed that should be please inform 4liberty at enlightener.net for inclusion in corrected updates.

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