Church of the Hemp Goddess

hempgoddess_red_rock01The Church of the Hemp Goddess

An archive, from the late 1990’s,
of the original Church of the Hemp Goddess,
founded by Dr. Kenneth Rex Larsen,
circa 1995.



NEWS about the Church in the 1990’s


Dr. Larsen used to argue that he didn’t create the Church of the Hemp Goddess to start a new religion or to resurrect old religions.

He created the church to demonstrate the absurdity of government intrusion into our personal lives. He wanted the Church of the Hemp Goddess to be a universal vehicle for people to use to declare their own, personal, religious freedom.

Dr. Larsen was afraid of the typical schisms within traditional churches, knowing full well the human propensity to fall into divisional traps, because of their systems of priesthoods, prophets, leadership, rules, doctrines and dogmas. Dr. Larsen believed the first disciple is always the first heretic. He established the Church for the individual, not for any group or group mentality.

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