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WorldWide Religious News

WorldWide Religious News

What is WorldWide Religious News?

WorldWide Religious News is a non-profit service providing the international academic and legal community with up-to-date religious news from around the world. Events in recent years ranging from government suppression of the Falun Gong in China, to the Aum Shinrikyo gas attacks and subsequent legal proceedings in Japan, as well as the terrorist attacks of September 11th, have motivated an increased awareness and focus on the unique interplay of religion and society, as well as the role of novel religions and alternate lifestyles within a religious context.

What kind of news?

WWRN news articles and information are researched and compiled daily, encompassing a wide array of religious topics currently highlighted in the international news media, with a particular focus on religious freedom, church and state issues, governmental legislation as it relates to religious organizations, as well as new religious movements (NRMs). News stories also highlight religious freedom issues, such as the effects of government anti-sect legislation, the recent anti-"mind control" legislation being debated in Italy; religion-related court decisions in Russia and elsewhere; religious response to the cloning controversy; religious and ethnic struggles in Africa; as well as a myriad of other topics.

How WWRN can help you

Subscribers to the WWRN news service have commented how valuable and informative the service is to their research and interviews with the media, keeping them updated with the latest news on a daily basis, not to mention the time it saves in the never ending and time consuming task of searching the Web. WWRN sends 15-25 news articles on a daily basis, all combined in one file with links to our web site, for easy access. The articles are grouped by topic to facilitate research in pertinent subjects.

How can you receive it?

WWRN currently offers 3 delivery methods.

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