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In the United States and most of the independent states, one political issue that is compelling is the issue of abortion. Conservatives are pro-life while the liberals are pro-choice. This issue has been one of the hotly debated issues in the U.S. Senate and House of Representative. Although abortion in the United States before the third trimester is legal, the issue has polarized the two mainstream political parties – Republican and Democratic.

The Republican Party is against any form of abortion whether beyond the third trimester or during the early stages of pregnancy. They espouse the belief that even an unborn child already has a life – and intentionally curbing the life of an innocent fetus or embryo is already tantamount to murder. Election after election, the Republicans are clear on their platform that they abhor abortion no matter what phase of the pregnancy is.

The Democratic Party on the other hand stand by their belief that they should guarantee and provide a choice to the mother whether to undergo with an abortion or not. They believe that every mother has the right to do anything with their body. Especially when the health of the mother is in danger, the democrats believe that they should put the safety of the mother first and give her the choice to either intentionally go through abortion or not – if her life is at stake.

Ever since the issue of abortion began, the issue never waned down. Instead, it spawned bitter argument from opposing parties that made the issue even more complicated. Some view the contrasting arguments as the true essence of democracy. It is a sign that the citizens are up on their feet on issues that concerns them.

Although the mediation between from the two differing sides is still way out of sight, the more important thing is that the arguments will generate a lasting solution. Even with the bitter rivalry that is arousing from the different beliefs, it would be best to regard it as a process that needs to be done to come up with an alternative that is acceptable to all parties concerned.

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