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HAOMA – Encyclopaedia Iranica


Avestan name for a plant and its divinity.


HAOMA, the Avestan name for a plant and its divinity, MPers. hōm, Sogd. xwm, Pers. and other living Iranian languages hōm, hūm and related forms, Skt. soma, living Indic languages som, soma (Flattery and Schwartz, p. 68 with Table 3; Steblin-Kamenskij, 1972, p. 138 ff.; Idem, 1987, p. 377; Henning, “Mitteliranisch,” p. 85). This entry will be treated in two separate articles: Botany; and associated Rituals.

i. Botany.

ii. The Rituals.

(Dieter Taillieu, Mary Boyce)

Originally Published: December 15, 2003

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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Vol. XI, Fasc. 6, pp. 659-667