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First Universal Church of Kantheism


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First Universal Church of Kantheism

Dogma-free Cannabis Spirituality for our times.

The Ancient Shamanic Path of Enlightenment Through Ecstasy.

We are the oldest religion in the world. With tens of thousands of members in forty-one countries, we provide sanctuary for Spiritual Cannabis practitioners world-wide.

Although we do not actively seek nor recruit new members, if our Cannabis Ministry is right for you, you will know it in your heart and soul.

Being the survivors of the Inquisition and other notorious hunts and wars against our culture and beliefs, We have been underground for more than six centuries…

There are still millions of us, mostly hiding their beliefs and spirituality from their government, from their employers, from their society and, often, even from their own friends.

Why are they hiding their beliefs? Sadly enough, because the Inquisition never really ended.

We’re here, for you.

First Universal Church of Kantheism