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Rev. Tom Brown
To all our relations.
Greetings in the name of the most high, Jah Rastafari, ever faithful, ever sure, Jah Rastafari.
One Love Brethren.
Brethren, you have here a mine of information for your spiritual discernment.  As you see there is no membership or limited access to this site.  Everything is free and open to everyone.
Having said that, as we all know, these things cost money to set up and run.  The information here comes from my 53 months in the federal prison law libraries I attended.  The Church could sure use your financial help.
Now you say that you are too poor to send any significant amount of money to us.  I overstand - so send your spare change.  You have no idea how we can gather together in our smallness to become the Killer Wave that overcomes these little troubles we got.
If you can see this website, you can send us a buck.  Maybe not today, but soon come some tomorrow you can afford to and on that day and hour we will be forwardin together.  Here is our hand, now place yours in ours and let us journey forth together.
Please send any contributions you can afford to the address below.  You have our contribution here, we welcome yours.
One Love  revtombrown
Rev. Tom Brown
First Church of the Magi
Post Office Box 2827
Fayetteville, Arkansas 72702