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Alternative Religions - History, Culture and More
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The Force Is With Them

George Lucas studied world religions before creating the Star Wars universe. Now real Jedi are studying Star Wars in their quest for religion.

Alternative Religions Spotlight10

Hoaxes and Fallacies

Hoaxes and fallacies are common in the study of alternative religions. Read about some of the more wide-reaching ones.

Navjote or Sudre-Pooshi in Zoroastrianism

The navjote is the initiation ceremony for Zoroastrian children that welcomes them into the community.

Apocalyptic Religions

Apocalyptic religions emphasize their end of the world beliefs as central to their practices.

Is My Child Involved in the Occult/Satanism?

Don't let fearmongering distract you from common sense. While parents should always be wary of what their children are studying, those pursing occult practices that include dangerous behavior and/or illegal and immoral things practically don't exist.

Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton was an unconventional man in many ways. Besides being a science pioneer, he also embraced a variety of alternative beliefs such as alchemy and non-trinitarianism.

UFO Religions

Just people in previous times have colored their religious beliefs with their general understanding of the world, today we find modern concepts like aliens in modern religions.

Scientology Controversies And Misconceptions

A list of common controversies and misconceptions that have plagued the Church of Scientology for decades, including Fair Game, Snow White, and the Fishman Affidavit.

Fishman Affidavit

The Fishman Affidavit is a legal document that includes information on Scientology teachings that the Church of Scientology attempted to keep suppressed through legal means.

Bible Code

People throughout history have sought additional meaning from within the Torah and Bible through non-traditional reading, sometimes referred to as Bible Code.

When It is Hard to Take a Religion Seriously

Some religions sound silly at first glance, but we must get past such reactions if we wish to understand them. Learn about religions such as Jediism, Discordianism, the Rastafari Movement and more.