STATEMENT of Enlightened Cogniscenti Danuel D. Quaintance; July 12, 2005

On this 123rd year after the original printing of the following, I was blessed to receive the copy I have scanned, proof read, and present below. I have been an avid researcher, of the Zoroastrian religion, since my first introduction while researching the roots of Religion. The Lecture given is by another researcher with like interest, while he exposes the fact most religions today are but an empty shell with little of the original teaching, including the Zoroastrian religion. He is, however, off the mark on his assumptions regarding the true spirit of the Zoroastrian religion. He did not have the expertise to cross enough fields of discovery, and without the Archeological proofs of today, that have proven conclusively the "Marijuana, a.k.a. Cannabis" is the lost, and thought to be extinct plant deity known in the Avesta in the Avestan language as "HAOMA", in Sanskrit of the Veda's as "Soma", and likely as attested by the region of discovery "Huo Ma" of that region of China. Had he this knowledge, I would hope, he would not have slandered this religions central, and essential element to achieving true enlightenment, and the true subject of the teachings he was claiming to be his desire to preserve; and to discover the hidden mystery! I hope the reproduction of this information will provide addition information, to researches still trying to discover the remaining truths, hidden by millennia of time, oral tradition, linguistic shifts, conquest, conquering, inquisitions, and bull of Roman Popes against the "intoxication of Indian Hemp". _-- Praise be to the Enlightener, Provider, Protector; Haoma, our "Marijuana Plant", "the Averter of Death, and Conqueror of lies!" _-- Note: I have tried to assure All spellings of words, are as in the original, minus the diacritics, and the occasional unavailable character making it necessary to use the modern term. Some of the words may appear misspelled, but that was the spelling, of just that short time ago.