USA v. Quaintance Docket Index

CRIMINAL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 2:06-cr-00538-JCH All Defendants
Magistrate judge case number: 2:06-mj-03655

The links below will take you to a Copy of the USA v. Quaintance Docket index. The case files are provided in links that can be downloaded directly from this website for free. The files are listed in order of date with the newest at the top going back in time as you go down the docket.

Case Party Index

Docket Feb. 22, 2006 -- June 4, 2007

Docket June 4, 2007 -- May 11, 2008

Docket May 11, 2008 -- January 20, 2009

Designation of Record on Appeal [14.2 Mb]

Local Rules of Criminal Procedure -- U.S. District Court of New Mexico